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MAL20th Anniversary Gala

The Summer Show is upon us, opening reception is on Friday evening, June 7, from 5:00 until 7:00 in the main gallery. 

Summer 2024

ABOUT USMispillion Art League

MISSION… To provide community-wide access to a quality visual arts program. VISION… The Mispillion Art League is a beacon in the community by fostering and promoting the visual arts through education, exhibits, and programs that encourage access to all. VALUES…Our core value is fostering creativity in the visual arts.

  • We support all skill levels and mediums.
  • We champion diversity in participation by encouraging all to join in making and appreciating art regardless of race, religion, gender, age, national origin, or disability.
  • We value and seek a diverse leadership of Board, committees, and volunteers.
  •   We treat everyone with respect and equity on all levels of planning, governance, education, programs, and communication.
  • We embrace all art forms where visual arts can be enhanced.
  •   We provide opportunities for artists to share their creativity with the community.
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Help Mispillion Art League Do More for 24 Hours

As proud Milfordians, we are thrilled to tell you that we are once again participating in a monumental statewide campaign this March 7-8, 2024. With fewer foundations and smaller grants helping to fund nonprofit organizations, the impact of individuals like you is more important than ever in ensuring that we will be able to continue our mission of providing a quality visual arts program to Milford and the surrounding communities. The organization you care about relies on your support to help us to provide classes, workshops, The Big Draw Festival, art exhibits, outreach, and a Gift Shop that focuses on our members’ art. We must work together to ensure the continuation of Mispillion Art League and our enriching art programs for future generations of Delaware artists. For 24 hours, from 6 p.m. March 7th through 6 p.m. March 8th, we are asking you to do more with us by giving to the DoMore24 Delaware fundraiser. Over the next few weeks, we’ll be sharing more about getting involved, what your help creates for our state, and the information needed so that your donation makes the greatest impact. Check out our Facebook and Instagram pages for updates, important campaigns, and directions on how to DoMore24.

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We are located in the heart of downtown Milford, Delaware. Open Tuesday-Saturday 10–5; May–Oct. Tuesday–Friday 10-5 and Saturday 9–4. We would love to have you visit!


We offer all types of classes.: Adults/Teens (14+) , Kids 3-13, and Pottery Lessons

Visit Our Annex

Open Sketch: First Thursday of every Month from 6:30-800pm ($10 donation request) Open Studio - MEMBERS ONLY Use our space for your creative art-making! Bring in your own supplies and work to your heart's content. Check the Open Studio calendar for details and the dates and times available. Dates and times are subject to change. See you soon!
Individual Pottery Lessons
Costs: 6 lessons – $328 for Members • $410 for Non-members. Clay is $30 for a 25lb. bag. Only MAL clay and glazes can be used. Choose either wheel-throwing or hand-building. Lessons are six 90-minute sessions and include instruction for throwing (forming clay on the wheel), bisque, and glaze firing. Pottery needs drying and firing time, so the student and instructor will determine the schedule. Students need a 2-gallon pail with a lid. You may use MAL tools for throwing, footing, or hand-building. Students will only use MAL studio glazes. Important rule: Delight in working with clay, enjoy the process of getting your hands dirty while learning more about clay and the process of making things.

Our Class Catalog

Our Class Catalog

Contact us
5 N Walnut St, Milford DE 19963
(302) 430-7646
Tuesday-Saturday 10–5; May–Oct. Tuesday–Friday 10-5 and Saturday 9–4
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