Senior (50+) Art Workshops – Workshop #1

Senior (50+) Art Workshops - Workshop #1


April 14, 2023    
10:00 am - 12:00 pm

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Date/Time: Friday, February 3, April 14, June 9
Ages: 50 and up • min 4/max 18
Cost: $15/workshop • Register early–workshops fill up fast!

Workshop #1: Medium and Instructor TBD (10-12 pm)
The morning workshop will be taught by numerous educators each month. Style and medium will be

April 14th – Joe Terrone

How do the visual elements within the scene relate to one another, and to the surrounding picture window, to create a unified whole.  A good composition arranges the compositional energies- shapes, colors, values, movements and lines – in a way that supports the vision of the artist.  In this workshop we will work with positive and negative shapes, variation and movement, and how they all contribute to a strong and exciting composition.

June 9th – Cathy Walls

Workshop #2: Brushin’ with Keith (1:00-3:00 pm)

A unique watercolor experience taught by Keith Warren, a retired art educator. This workshop we will
paint a sailboat at sunset. The sun is setting in the background and a single sailor is taking in
the view. Creating this
peaceful scene will transform your mindset and place you in the picture. When painting this scene,
the primary focus is the beautiful sky in the background. As the sun sets, it is reflecting the
vivid emotion of the day coming to an end.
Rest my friend, this class will be a blast!