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MEDIUM = Card (max 25 cards at any time), Basketry, Fiber, Glass, Jewelry, Mixed Media, Acrylic, Oil, Pastel, Photography, Pottery, Wood, Misc. MAX size for 2D hanging art is 9x12 including frame. LAST 3 COLUMNS TO BE FILLED IN BY MAL.
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  • All artists must be current members of Mispillion Art League (MAL
  • All artwork must be for sale. Prices are set by the artist and cannot be changed or negotiated once submitted.
  • All items must be original and made by the submitting artist, not made from kits or combinations of mass- produced objects or items.
  • MAL will retain a 20% commission on all sales of artwork and all sales must be processed through MAL.
  • To comply with Federal tax laws, MAL is required to issue a Form 1099 to any artist who is awarded more than $600 in any calendar year.
  • Items may remain in the Gift Shop (GS) for up to one year, but it is suggested they be refreshed every 6 months. Artists may remove items or submit new art on the second Saturday of the month from 11-2 pm.
  • All Gift Shop items must be removed in January after the last show of the year. MAL closes for two weeks in January for the annual cleaning and painting. Once we are ready to re-open, only items entered into the GS in December are eligible for re-entry in January. We will remind everyone about this and give you all the relevant dates and times for bringing in your art.
  • Art may be removed by a person designated by the artist, with prior notification given to the GS Manager or Operations Manager.
  • The Exhibit Committee reserves the right to determine if the items submitted are appropriate for display. Please see the Exhibit Rules and Requirements for examples of items that may be deemed unsuitable for display.

  • 1) CARD LIMITS: Artist may exhibit up to 25 cards/mini items for the card rack. All cards/ envelopes and all postcards must be in a protective plastic sleeve or box and follow the Art Labeling instructions in #4 below.

    2) BIN ART (UNFRAMED ART): Art can be larger than 9×12. Please use BIN ART form. The three bin art categories are: Photography, Originals, and Prints (reproductions of your work Artist is allowed 5 pieces/bin. Bin art must be professionally packaged in a protective plastic sleeve, preferably matted, have a firm backer (cardboard, bristol board, etc to prevent art from curling, and follow Art Labeling instructions in #4 below.

    3) OTHER ART: Artist may exhibit art/fine craft pieces, no quantity limit, as space allows, that comply with these Rules and Requirements.

    • 4) ART LABELING: Labels should be neatly written or typed. MAL will not label your work. Every item in the Gift Shop must be clearly/legibly marked with the following information visible to the customer: Artist Name ❑ Title or Unique Number (NO repeating of titles or numbers in one year) Medium ❑ Price ❑ “Original” or “Print” if applicable
    • examples of unique #s: 001-22; 001-A; 001-SF (your initials) 5) 2-D ART: Acceptable 2-D items include, but are not limited to, paintings, photography, and giclées, either originals or prints. Maximum framed size is 9”x12”. If larger and unframed, it can go in one of the 3 art bins. (See #2 Bin Art Limits)

    6) 3-D ART: Acceptable 3-D items include, but are not limited to, pottery, mosaics, jewelry/sets, fiber, wood, metal, concrete. There is a maximum weight limit of 20 lbs.

    7) Special displays (ex. easels) may be furnished by the artist but are not necessary. These displays must be marked with the artist name and “Not for Sale” or listed as “Included” with art on the sales tag/label and on the Gift Shop form.